Faith: We believe in a Supreme Creator and that by following His law, virtuous societies respecting moral agency will preserve freedom and liberty.

Family: We recognize that the security of nations and the survival of civilization depend upon the strength of individual families worldwide.

National Sovereignty: We acknowledge the sovereign status of nations and honor the rule of law. We also recognize that the rightful purpose of law is to protect individuals against injustice upon their inalienable rights of life, liberty, and property.

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The Conference on the Status of Women commences March 10th, ending on the 21st. WOW’s parallel event features our new President, Nicholeen Peck. She will be presenting, Cultural Parenting Revolution, Monday March 17th, 10:30 am ET in the Drew Room CCUN, 777 United Nations Plaza, NY. Carol Ugochukwu and the Nigerian delegation of 13 will be attending CSW the first week. Carol will be extending her stay to attend our parallel event. Yvonne Averett and Nicholeen Peck will attend CSW the second week. ┬áRenee Greene will also be attending. Nicholeen and Yvonne plan to meet with Carol and our Nigerian delegation over the weekend.

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